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Crackdown 3 Beta Site Teases Announcement Ahead of Microsoft E3 Conference

There is no doubt that Crackdown 3 will be presented at Microsoft E3 conference in some capacity, and it seems that Crackdown 3 beta might start soon.

A teaser website for Crackdown 3 emerged ahead of E3, which refers the user as an agent and mentions five mission dates, first one started on June 10 and others missions to follow on weekly basis until July 7.

The website mentions “Beta_INIT” which could be a reference to the previously announced Crackdown beta. The website also refers to players earning $2/10 for their agency pension.

As of now it is still unknown what this might mean, hopefully all of the confusion will be cleared once Crackdown 3 beta is announced at E3 or whatever it is the website is referring to. You can checkout the website for yourself, maybe you will find something that we have missed.

A couple of months ago Microsoft took an initiative for the family of the deceased producer of the critically acclaimed game, Shadow Of Mordor, who departed due to brain cancer. Microsoft started an auction on Ebay to raise money for Mike Forgey`s family and if you win the auction, this auction would have let you be in Crackdown 3 as a character model.

In a recent developer blog entitled “THE ART & SCIENCE OF BLOWING SH*T UP” , which explained that not only explosions in Crackdown 3 will be frequent but also will be destructive too.

In Crackdown 3 players will be officially sanctioned to cause chaos through explosions with the help of the game’s new destruction engine. Reagent Games, the developer working on Crackdown 3, is working on every aspect of the explosions to make them feel as good as possible.

Crackdown 3 is a third person action-adventure game being exclusively developed for Xbox One, release date for the game is not yet announced.