Battlefield 1 Sniper Gameplay Reminds of World War 1’s Assassins

There is nothing more satisfying about a good FPS shooter than killing distant enemies with a sniper. If you are into that kind of stuff then you are at the right place. This amazing Battlefield 1 Sniper gameplay reminds you of World War 1’s deadly assassins

YouTube user jackfrags uploaded some really amazing Battlefield 1 sniper gameplay footage in 1080p, 60 FPS, featuring the German bolt-action rifle Gewehr 98 in all its glory equipped with a bayonet and sniper scope.

The long distance kills taken with the scope are just amazing and the whole point of the game for some people. I for one love sniping and it is great to see what Battlefield 1 has to offer in regard to sniping.

Battlefield 1 sniper gameplay also gives you a look into the dynamics of the game and how the game looks. I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful battlefield games that I have seen. From the footage, you can get an idea of what you can do in the game and how fast paced this game can be.

With amazing graphics, great game modes as well as realistic weapons, DICE is putting all the cards down with Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 sniper gameplay makes it obvious why people are so hyped about the game and what kinds of multiplayer experiences you can expect. Playing this game with your buddies will be nothing less than a blast.

DICE has come a long way and has done a great job with the development of this title. Battlefield 1 both looks and feels great. A game based on real life events just has to be this good to deliver the whole experience and developer is doing just that.

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