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Battlefield 1 Dynamic Weather Makes Battlefield Feel More Realistic

Battlefield 1 Dynamic Weather makes the game feel realistic and the visuals are so amazing that it gives you a movie feel. Weather in Battlefield 1 changes as you progress through the game, making it at times harder and at times easier to play the game.

We want nothing but the best from the next generation FPS games and the Battlefield 1’s Dynamic weather system feature helps in giving gamers the best immersive experience that they could ask for.

Playing it once convinces you that Battlefield 1 is indeed the best looking Battlefield game to date with Battlefield 1’s Dynamic Weather an icing on the cake. Besides Battlefield 1 dynamic weather, the weapons look great and authentic. The game features a new destruction system that allows gamers to create craters with tanks or explosives and later use them in order to hide.

Such features will give the title an edge over the competition. The next thing you would notice is the audio quality in the game and although it may not be a big deal for some, it definitely improves the overall experience and helps you immerse yourself in what is going on around you.

Battlefield 1 is based on real life events so it seems fitting that the features that they are offering are making things more realistic. If players are going to witness real life events then they should be getting the best possible experience otherwise it will not be worth it.

It is good to see that DICE is headed the right way and their formula for the Battlefield 1 title seems to be working out considering the reception of the game. All they need to do now is keep up the momentum and good work till launch day so players can get what they were promised and what they expected.

At this stage, nothing but the very best is expected to come out from the upcoming Battlefield 1.