Zelda Wii U: Male and Female Link Hinted with E3 2016 Lanyards

We have previously covered a lot of rumors with regards to the Zelda Wii U game’s protagonists; there have been rumors that the game will also feature a female Link, although the developers clarified that the lead character of the game is Link himself and not a girl.

That was not the only time they had to refute those rumors, the game’s trailer from June 2014 had also raised some eyebrows due to the peculiar appearance of the character shown.

Link and Linkle Confirmed for Zelda Wii U?

Interestingly, this time around the officials themselves have added fuel to the same fire. Someone at E3 2016 spotted some lanyards that are to be used by show floor officials that are branded with art from the game.

These lanyards, as you can see in the image below, feature what look like two characters – one on each strap – and guess what, it looks like one of them is Link while the other one is a female character that could be Linkle, or any other new female character.

Zelda Wii U Link and Linkle

Of course this is not a confirmed news, but why else would there be two characters that clearly look different?

About six months ago, Nintendo teased that Linkle could be featured in future Zelda games, and since thee Zelda Wii U game is the latest we have at hand, we think the rumor will hold water.

In more recent news, known Nintendo insider Emily Rogers had also claimed back in April that the Legend of Zelda game for Nintendo NX is going to have a male as well as a female Link. It has been rumored that Zelda Wii U was being delayed deliberately to match the launch of Nintendo NX.

Does the photo of the lanyards above sound enough evidence to say that the game will have Link and Linkle both? Let us know in the comments section below.

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