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Xbox One Exclusive Dead Rising 4 Leaked Screenshots Confirm the Game’s Setting and Protagonist

Ahead of Microsoft’s E3 media briefing, a couple of leaked screenshots from the long rumoured Xbox One Exclusive Dead Rising 4 by Capcom has surfaced online.

In the leaked images, we see a protagonist who is looking like Frank West – the main protagonist of the first Dead Rising game.

Furthermore, we also see a sign for Willamette, the same mall in which the first Dead Rising took place. In addition to this, we also see Christmas decorations in every screenshot. You can check out the screenshots attached in the gallery below and share your impressions with us in the comments section below:

According to a previous rumor that we learned earlier this month, Dead Rising 4 by Capcom is planned to be an Xbox One exclusive, but judging from how the previous game eventually launched on PC, it is safe to assume that the upcoming iteration will also be a timed Xbox One exclusive.

Currently this is everything that we know so far regarding the rumored Dead Rising 4 for Xbox One. Hopefully, Microsoft will show us more during its E3 2016 media briefing. We are also hearing the rumors that the next iteration in Dead Rising franchise will feature a dedicated Multiplayer Mode based on the success of the Multiplayer Mode featured in Dead Rising 3.

Source: NEOGAF