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Watch Dogs 2 Progression System Drops Towers; Every Interaction Counts

We have not been told much about the Watch Dogs 2 progression system or the way exploration works in the game, although a number of other things have been confirmed like super hacking tools, switchable co-op and a more realistic take on the hacking world.

This time, however, the developers have opened up about how the game’s progression structure works. Chase Straight, the Community Developer at Ubisoft took to the official PlayStation US Blog recently to talk about it.

Straight says that “every activity counts toward your progression,” because they wanted “every interaction or event in the game to feel meaningful’ and to count to the final goal you get in Watch Dogs 2.

In order to make this more in-tune with how the game works, the Watch Dogs 2 progression system has ditched Tower unlocking.

Everything you do in Watch Dogs 2 will help you reach your final goal. Speaking of which, there are no more towers to unlock. The entire San Francisco Bay Area will be open from the start for you to explore and discover the stories and secrets that lie within. From the lush lawns of Silicon Valley, to the cultured streets of San Francisco and the gorgeous views of Marin County, each neighborhood has its own vibe and feel.

He also boasts that Ubisoft has listened to the feedback (or rather complaints) from the fans who played the last Watch Dogs game and therefore added a lot more content.

Apparently, you will have something to do, or see, all the time you are in the game.

There will be more to talk about regarding the Watch Dogs 2 progression system, of course, and we will be covered it in depth. However, this initial overview of the game sounds pretty positive.

Is it enough to get you to buy one of the game’s special editions?