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Next Fallout 4 Workshop DLC, Contraptions, Leaked By Xbox Store

E3 is upon us and more and more leaks are running wild on the internet. This time the leak is the next Fallout 4 workshop DLC, Contraptions.

However, the leak does not come from any industry insider, but from Microsoft itself and this is the second slip up by Microsoft this week regarding Fallout 4, first being Xbox Store offering Fallout 4 and its contents for free.

Now the Xbox marketplace has revealed yet another of Fallout 4 content ahead of the time, and some users have reported that they are able to download a new Fallout 4 DLC, Contraption Workshop.

Bethesda was probably going to reveal the next Fallout 4 workshop DLC during its conference, and immediately release it for those watching the conference. Last year Bethesda implemented the same strategy for Fallout 4 Shelter DLC, as Bethesda revealed it and released it live during the conference.

As I mentioned before, Microsoft’s Xbox Store offered Fallout 4 and its contents for free due to an unknown glitch. However, Microsoft was quick to address the issue but many users had already downloaded the game.¬†Microsoft did removed the game from their libraries, but as an consolation gave them $10 for their Xbox account.

Bethesda has released mod support for Fallout 4 on Xbox One, and according to the developer the mod support had 50 times more traffic compared to the launch of PC mod support. However, some Xbox One modders stole PC mods for Fallout 4 and uploaded them as their own.

Bethesda has taken a strict action against those modders, by taking down all the plagiarized Fallout 4 Xbox One mods. Bethesda has made it clear that it will not let any modder publish mods who steal these mods from others.

Bethesda had to take a action like this because many popular modders refused to work on Fallout 4 Xbox One mods. Bethesda is asking any modder who feels that their mos is being stolen, report to them immediately.