Mass Effect Andromeda Behind The Scenes Documentary Calls For Galaxy Explorers

EA Play was live and Bioware has given us a look at the Mass Effect Andromeda behind the scenes  during the conference.

As we already know that Mass Effect Andromeda will take place in a new galaxy, Andromeda, and according to Bioware they had new planets to explore, and in Andromeda the player is the alien.

Mass Effect Andromeda offers the freedom that no other Bioware game has offered before. Players will be able to explore the planets using a vehicle, just like in the first Mass Effect.

In Mass Effect Andromeda behind the scenes Bioware revealed that the game will be filled with great characters, with whom players can interact with. Every character will have a story of its own, which you can make them to tell you or ignore them completely.

Recently, a Bioware developer teased a mission from Mass Effect Andromeda, in build up to hype the fans for the EA Play conference. The developer named TorbJos teased that a certain mission has taken a lot of time and now its being reviewed.

In related news. during the investors conference of EA, chief executive officer Andrew Wilson expressed that his expectations about Mass Effect Andromeda. He said that the game will grow beyond its core audience.

Since this statement many fans have raised their voice that, EA is targeting the casual gamers which ultimately means that developers will be watering down the experience to appeal to other gamers.

During the briefing EA also teased that an action game developed by Bioware is in the works. A slide from the presentation shows that Bioware is potentially contributing to the company’s growth in action category.

EA has also revealed during EA Play that Titalfall 2 will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and is scheduled to release on October 28 2016.