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Here’s What “Xbox One S” aka Xbox One Slim Looks Like, Image Leaked!

Rumors about the Xbox One Slim are not new, in fact we reported on one as long ago as 2014, however, news is more solid than ever now, and thanks to a leak it looks like we now know what it looks like as well as what it is officially being called by Microsoft: Xbox One S!

Xbox One Slim is Officially Called Xbox One S, Image and Features Leaked

Moments ago, an image was shared online that initially showed the new console partially, but soon this was followed by a complete image of the Mini console, as some of us have been referring to it.

We have shared the image above, and clearly, it is much smaller than the current version that Microsoft is selling – a stroll down the memory lane would remind you how the size of the current console was disliked by many when it got officially released.

Judging by how the size of the console compares with the controller sitting on top of it, this looks smaller than the PS4 even!

Moving on, as you can see above the image was scoured from the source of Microsoft’s official website, where a small description which confirms a number of things we have previously reported on with regards to the console.

Firstly, it has a greater hard drive – 2TB to be exact! ANd that is followed by support for 4K video playback, a feature that was all but confirmed already.

Two surprises packed within the description for the Xbox One Slim aka Xbox One S are that buyers will be able to place it vertically too, and that it will also bring a “streamlined controller.”

We have talked about a new controller in the past too, but nothing has been known about it. We are still trying to figure out what has been changed in this one.

Oh and by the way, the new Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than the current Xbox One.

Here’s a background check on everything that has been rumored about the new Xbox One console, whether you call it the Xbox One S or the Xbox One Slim.