Battlefield 1 Classes, Modes and Maps Detailed

EA DICE has revealed more about Battlefield 1 classes, modes, and maps we’ll get to play with later this year. There are five main classes in Battlefield 1 – Assault, Support, Medic, Driver/Tanker, Scout.

Battlefield 1 Assault Class

This is your standard class that is normally right in the middle of the line of fire. Battlefield 1 Assault Class is equipped with explosive Gadgets to deal with vehicles, making them the go-to Class for taking down stuff that rolls, flies, sails.

Battlefield 1 Support Class

The support class is best used by players you prefer taking out enemies or suppress them. You will be using weapons that are fit for close and medium range combat, and has a higher fire rate. This allows you to maintain a steady stream of bullets towards enemies. “And when it comes to bullets themselves, they’ve a trick up their sleeve: their Gadgets can keep teammates resupplied or help protect position.”

Battlefield 1 Medic Class

The medic class in Battlefield 1 comes with a twist. They are not only able to heal their teammates but can fix vehicles. They use mid range weapons with decent damage that can take down enemies in a flash.

Battlefield 1 Scout Class

Scouts are your long-range specialists who are able to take out enemies from afar with powerful sniper rifles. They can also do reconnaissance and mark enemies that would help your teammates locate threats in the area.

Battlefield 1 Driver/Tanker Class

You can drive a tank, plan and other vehicles in Battlefield 1. “Deploy into the driver seat of a plane or tank in Battlefield 1 and you’ll eschew your typical class in favor of the two new Vehicle classes. These replace your typical classes, letting you trade in your Medic or Support kit in favor of playing as a Tanker or Pilot. When you’re deploying into a tank or a plane, those vehicles are your primary weapon, and you’ll be fully absorbed into that role, rather than being an Assault who happens to by flying a biplane.”

Battlefield 1 Game Modes

You will be able to use these classes in different modes including Conquest, Domination, Operation and more. Other modes will be revealed soon.

Operation is a new way to Experience Battlefield 1. It is a new mode in the latest Battlefield game. “In a sequence of inter-connected battles, a team of attackers attempts to conquer ground and push the frontline forward, as the defenders are trying to push them back. Should the defenders fail to hold their ground on a map, the Operation doesn’t stop here: they will fall back and regroup on a different map, while the attackers will push the assault. Sectors may fall, but players reinforced by gigantic Behemoths can still turn the tide.”

Battlefield 1 Maps

So far, EA DICE has revealed 4 maps that would be featured in Battlefield 1.

Amiens: Players will be battling it out in a majestic city. Fights will break out in the French City of Amiens. The maps feature bridges, railway lines, courthouses etc.

THE ST. QUENTIN SCAR: Is a scarred Battlefield in northern France. German forces will take on the British as part of the Kaiser’s battle. Push through the trenches of the St. Quentin Scar. Be the first soldier to break through and assault the pristine village of Travecy.

MONTE GRAPPA: You will be taking part in the battles among the peaks of kings in the Venetian Alps. Players will fight to take control of the mountain forts. Teams can use massive fort cannons to take down mountain climbing forces.

It is a war between the Austro Hungarian Empire and the Italian forces.

EMPIRE’S EDGE: You will be playing across the Adriatic coast. Mediterranean village along shoreline destroyed and is under siege of the great Italian War.

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