Dishonored 2 Gameplay Trailer Leaks Featuring Robots, Magic and More

There are a number of things that we know about Dishonored 2, like the new setting in Carnaca, the first details on abilities as well as the ability to use doppelgangers as mines. However, this will be your first looks at the Dishonored 2 gameplay that has been leaked ahead of E3 2016.

Arkane Studios was going to reveal the gameplay at their press conference at E3 2016 any day now, but it looks like someone couldn’t wait that long.

Dishonored 2 Gameplay Trailer Leaked

Although the E3 2016 trailer of the game was originally put up on YouTube, the video was taken down soon which is why we are left with just a WebM version of it. You’ll have to go here to watch it.

The Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer in question highlights a number of things in the game other than our two protagonists i.e. Corvo and Emily.

For starters, it is showing off more of the enemies that we are going to face when the game releases, and one of them is going to be the robot guards that you see in the beginning of the video.

In the leaked trailer you will be able to get a look at how some of the magic related abilities are going to play out. Firstly, we get to see her ability Shadow Walk and then we see the obelisk taking on enemies after Emily uses her ability Mesmerize.

However, we think the gameplay video of Arkane Studios’ latest reveals more on the game’s setting than what meets the eye. In the beginning you see the guards executing someone, and later you see a woman falling into The Void. This, in our opinion is Emily Kaldwin, and the scene shows how she got her supernatural powers.

Clearly, the Dishonored 2 gameplay reveal at E3 2016 will pack the punch that the game deserves. We are sure Arkane Studios don’t need to fear about disappointing the fans unlike what they have been feeling lately.