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Titanfall 2 Cover Art Revealed as EA Shares Teaser for EA Play Reveal

We are really getting some strong vibes with regards to the Titanfall 2 reveal at EA Play, the event for which they have skipped E3 2016 show floor this time. Two new updates have been given: the official Titanfall 2 cover art has been revealed and a new teaser trailer has also been shared.

The teaser trailer in question shows off a few seconds of gameplay showing “a sneak peek at what you can expect to see on Sunday.” There is one part of the trailer that shows something burning as it flies through the air, we are wondering what this is.

However, the titan shown at the end seems pretty menacing, we just hope that there are wall-running titans this time, that would simply double the adrenaline levels. There are other new features in the game too, like grappling hooks that were leaked recently.

Check out the EA Play reveal teaser below:

Moving on, the official Titanfall 2 cover art was also released online. It builds on the artwork that was initially leaked online before the game was officially announced, where you see a character wall-running as a titan follows him in almost identical style. Check it out below.

Titanfall 2 Cover art

Ever since we have been told about the release plans of Titanfall 2 as well as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, people have been hyped up about what will go down when both the games go head to head with each other.

In parallel news, two versions of the game’s Collector’s Editions have been revealed by Electronic Arts namely the Standard and the Uber Edition, both of whom can be read upon here.