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Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon Nekkoala And Iwanko Leaked

Have you ever imagined what would be internet like if there were no leaks at all? How will you ever know things about games before they are ever released. Leaks have become a norm in gaming industry, and this time it’s about new Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Nekkoala and Iwanko are the two new Alola Pokemon to be leaked on the internet by CoroCoro. Nekkoala is based on Koala, and like the animal this Pokemon this based on it is known as Half Awake Pokemon. 

Nekkoala is a normal type Pokemon, and has ability of Definite Sleep which prevents this Pokemon from being hit from any status other than Sleep.

Iwanko is the dog like Pokemon and is known as Puppy Pokemon. This Pokemon is a Rock Type Pokemon, and has two abilities Keen Eye and Vital Spirit, however, either one of these ability can be active for Iwanko.

Previously, this Pokemon was seen in the Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer, as the player character quickly ran by. CoroCoro also suggests that Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and the above mentioned Pokemon Sun And Moon new Pokemon, all have a certain secret about them.

When Pokemon Sun And Moon starter Pokemon, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, were revealed, Popplio was disliked by many of the Pokemon fans. The main reason for the fans to dislike Popplio was due to its design not being up to par. However, after the internet was flooded with hate comments about Popplio many Pokemon fans stepped forward and defended the cute Pokemon.

Shortly after the reveal, details about the the started Pokemon were released. Rowlet is a Grass and Flying type Pokémon with a ability to fly and sneak up on enemies from above.

Litten is a Fire Cat Pokémon with its skin covered in highly flammable oil. This Pokemon licks its hair and collects them in its mouth, the ignite them and use it as fireball against enemies.

Popplio is an acrobatic Sea Lion Pokémon with the ability to create water balloons and use them in different gameplay Scenarios.

What do you think about these Pokemon Sun And Moon new Pokemon? Let us know in the comments!