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Overwatch Secrets: Things You Didn’t Know Reinhardt Can Do

Reinhardt is an insanely powerful tank in Overwatch with a massive shield, rocket thrusters, and a huge hammer at his disposal. He is not only able to protect the entire team composition with his massive shield, he can also charge forward thanks to Rocket Thrusters, pin an opponent hero against the wall and secure an elimination most of the times.

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His hammer cannot only target multiple enemies at the same time, but also has very high damage output and the longest range of any melee weapon in the game.

Reinhardt can do what not many characters are capable of but do you know everything he can possibly do to win in Overwatch? Or are there some Overwatch secrets and tips you are yet to know?

Overwatch Secrets: Reinhardt

Playing with Reinhardt you’ll know that he uses a massive hammer to bash his enemies. But did you know that his hammer attack is of 180 degrees and can be much more effective if you spin 360 degrees while using this attack. Also, increase the horizontal sensitivity for this purpose.

If you rotate the hammer while spinning Reinhardt, the melee attack will become a 360 degree attack.

Secondly, Overwatch allows Reinhardt to spam jumping into his shield which is a very useful technique for getting out of the spawn gate and protect your friends as well. It also gives him a speed boost while using his shield, normally, he is very slow.

His Ultimate Countering is pretty spectacular as well. He is particular effective against D.Va and JunkRat as he blocks their explosions if you manage to position the shiled right. This also allows you to protect your teammates if they are behind the shield.

Junkrats will try to get behind the shield to cause damage but Reinhardt can jump over them while they charge and face the shield on the ground to block them.

Reinhardt’s charge in Overwatch allows him to crash into an enemy but what not many people know is that not only this ability can be used to throw opponents off cliffs, this stuns them as well; so instead of using a shield to follow up the charge if you fail to throw an enemy outside the map or smash them into walls, you should use your hammer attack on the stunned opponent.

Reinhardt’s hammer forces enemies into the direction of the attack. The hammer’s ability to displace enemies is much stronger with airborne enemies. Use your creativity while using this against airborne enemies in Overwatch.

Blizzard has stored plenty of helpful tip secretly within Overwatch, it just a matter to finding different techniques and mixing them up for our advantage.