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Madden NFL 17 Features Accessibility Improvements With ColorBlind Support and More

Madden NFL 17 has been getting a number of improvements in gameplay and features. With Madden NFL 17, EA Sports has improved accessibility options with color blind support, large icons, 5 levels of brightness and more.

First up is the “Enlarge On-Field Graphics”, according to the announcement – any on field icon that is prompting for user to interact will be twice as big in size. Augmented UI banners in Madden NFL 17 will also be enlarged, not too much so that they don’t take up too much space on the screen. The kick meter has also been enlarged, but instead of being placed on the field, it will be pinned on the screen.

Enlarged graphics are also useful to play the Madden NFL 17 from a couch, however, if players feel that enlarged graphics are too big, they can turn them off for the classic experience.

According to the developers, almost half a billion of their Madden NFL users are color blind, and bright colors are used in all over Madden NFL games, so there was an issue with menus and on-field arts. Developers have added filters, as they covered the entire game including menus. Red, Green and blue colorblindness is tested and supported in the game.

Also five different brightness levels and contrast levels have been added to Madden NFL 17, as many games already support brightness and contrast support, its about time that Madden NFL joined in. You can see the 5 different brightnass levels in the image below:

Madden NFL 17

All of these accessibility options will be available under “Visual Feedback” screen via settings menu. When these accessibility options are turned on, a small watermark will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Developers have also added improvements regarding zone coverage, QB scrambles, man coverage and more to Madden NFL 17. With the improvement in zone coverage system, players can now take on “popular route combinations competitive players would use in previous years”.

According to the developers, they are making improvements to the QB scrambles and promising that defensive ends who have a QB getting outside of the tackle are more adept than ever of leaving their block and chasing down.

Madden NFL 17 is scheduled to release on August 23 for  Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.