The Game Awards 2016 Confirmed for December 1 by E3 2016 Posters

We finally have the exact date on which The Game Awards 2016 are going to be held, and if the mind blowing winners from 2015 are any indication, this year is also going to be worth the wait.

For those who do not know, The Game Awards are produced annually by Geoff Keighley, who is also the host of the show. This will be third time the awards are being held.

The Game Awards 2016 Return on December 1

The confirmation that the streaming event will be held this year came from images of posters that were being put up around the Los Angeles Convention Center where E3 2016 is scheduled to be held days from now.

These banners also confirmed December 1 to be the event date.

This was followed up by an official announcement by Geoff Keighley through his Twitter profile where he has also promised that more details on the awards will be shared in summers.

As you can see on the picture of the banner above, the awards are going to be live streamed on “every gaming screen + VR,” which sounds interesting.

However, there is an even more interesting aspect to this. A number of gamers are responding to this by siding with rumors that The Game Awards are rigged just like there have been rumors about Spike Video Game Awards.

For instance, there was this guy who says the awards are irrelevant due to politics.

Or this guy who says there is bias because too much money is involved in such awards.

There has been this general perception among the fans that these awards are there to please everybody and not actually represent the community’s wishes. This was reiterated after last year’s live event too.

Following the fallout between Konami and legendary developer Hideo Kojima, the former had somehow legally influenced The Game Awards 2015 to ban the latter from attending the event, something a lot of developers didn’t like.

Would he be there at The Game Awards 2016? And do you support Geoff Keighley in his awards show?

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