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Developers Share Their Thoughts on PS4K, Is it a Good Idea?

Well, after so much speculation and rumors Sony has finally confirmed PS4K. We were right about its existence and that it would be more powerful than the vanilla model. However, we were hoping to see it at E3 2016 but Sony made it clear that it has no plans to show the new machine at E3.

For now, my best guess is that it would show the new machine close to the release of PlayStation VR. We may even see both machines bundled together at launch.

The community is divided over whether or not this is a good idea. The point of any console is to have a fixed set of hardware but I guess times are changing. How does the developers feel about this change? We already know that EA, BioWare, and some other devs don’t see an issue with PS4K. Meanwhile, there are those who feel this would raise development cost.

ED Boon sounded excited for the new PS4K.

Sony not revealing PS4K at E3 is an odd move.

What do you think of PS4K? Do you think it is a good idea to release powerful versions of any console in the middle of a console generation?