These Are 10 of The Worst Video Game Endings Ever!

We always talk about how a certain game’s ending scenes were so memorable you’d always keep them close to your heart, but what about some of the worst video game endings that we have ever come across?

In our latest video, we are revisiting ten of the shittiest game endings that we are sure each one of you hated when it came to them.

However, before you watch this video do keep in mind that there could be spoilers in there if you are new to any of these games. If that is okay with you, be our guest and watch right on!

That being said, we are still confused as to which one on our list of worst video game endings should be crowned number one.

Should it be Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days for being so emotional about what happens to the character and then simply sending him away on a plane without any explanation?

Or should it be Batman Arkham Asylum where this beast of a Joker was seen manhandling the Batman instead of doing what he is known for i.e. breaking up our guy psychologically?

We discuss both of these games as well as Fallout 3, Borderlands, Dragon Age 2, and even Mass Effect 3 – you have your right to disagree with us, of course, because this is just the opinion of our guy Jonathan Crow.

Check out the video above and tell us what you think.