World of Warcraft Legacy Servers Denied by Blizzard in Nostalrius Meeting

Well, it look slike the initial reports on World of Warcraft Legacy Servers meeting between Blizzard Entertainment and Nostalrius were not as positive as reports claimed. According to the latest update from the latter, the developers have denied allowing vanilla servers for now.

Viper, the Administrator and project manager of Nostalrius has given us a roundup on everything that happened during the meeting, reiterating that the developers, including Mike Morhaime himself, were actually interested in Vanilla Servers because they understand that the original game should be played.

However, Nostalrius Team had to come back without a definitive answer and there are a number of reasons for that.

Blizzard Didn’t Say Yes to World of Warcraft Legacy Servers, But Why?

After shutting down the Nostalrius Begins servers in April, the developers listened to a number of fans urging them to bring the servers back through petitions and whatnot.

However, in the words of Viper, the “tremendous work” required for making the World of Warcraft Legacy Servers official is multifold:

In order to generate the server (and the client), a complex build system is being used. It is not just about generating the “WoW.exe” and “Server.exe” files. The build process takes data, models, maps, etc. created by Blizzard and also generates client and server specific files. The client only has the information it needs and the server only has the information that it needs.

So basically they need all the build process data and all the code together which means they will have to scour for it everywhere. This data is not currently present under one version control system. And although they have the code for Vanilla version of the game, the lost parts will still need to be recreated.

If you look at it this way, the meeting really had its upsides because it would be such a big move and you cannot expect Blizzard Entertainment to just say okay let’s do it right here and now. Maybe things will move along better in the future meetings, if there are any.