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Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft’s Hacker Fantasy And How They Plan to Win Hearts With It

When Watch Dogs could not get where Ubisoft Montreal wanted, the developers knew they just had to shuffle things up in Watch Dogs 2 in order to keep this incredible potential of an IP alive.

So how exactly are they doing it? Well, first off they are scrapping the old protagonist for good – Aiden Pearce was bland – and replacing him with Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker who got penalized for something he didn’t do.

He is taking a stand against the system now and Ubisoft says “he’s the perfect blend between somebody that’s tech savvy, that represents a little bit the internet culture, but also has that athletic and rebellious feeling to him.”

Referring to the internet culture, we are clear by now that the two things the developers are relying on to make this tick are the hacker fantasy and the internet culture.

For starters, the game is set in San Francisco and not Chicago, everyone knows how much more relatable SFO is going to be in the context of the game, and at the same time bring in familiarity to keep things more in line with the hacking world as compared to the last installment.

This brings us to the second selling point that Ubisoft Montreal is going to try and cash: realism.

Those who have played the first game in the series know that it strayed far away from the reality when it came to hacking, pointing gadgets at gadgets to hack and sort of forklifting with a mobile alone. And that too, had a more conventional alternative i.e. weapons. WHich meant if things didn’t work the hackers’ way you could always go Donnie Brasco on them.

However, with Watch Dogs 2, the developers are apparently trying to get rid of that shallow version of hacking and replace it with specific mechanics.

They are also building on the idea of being a hacker and / or living the life of a hacker. The aesthetics of the game are really trying to show the hacker culture, the DIY 3D printing solutions, the keeping to the top notch self defense mechanisms, making people forget you by removing all your online accounts, partying, dressing stylishly and so on.

All in all, we are sure that the package we are getting this time with Watch Dogs 2 is going to be more grounded in reality than something that just uses the image of it.