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Titanfall 2 Collector’s Editions Include Standard and Uber Edition

There will be two different Titanfall 2 collector’s editions, according to a question from Respawn Entertainment, the game’s developer. The company is going to be offering two different collector’s editions for players that want to pre-order one, with one standard collector’s edition and one Uber collector’s edition.

Each one will have their own separate nick-nacks and do-dads that will help to make the money you spend on them worth it, including little figurines, patches, scarves, small art prints, and more. Both of the Titanfall 2 collector’s editions have gotten pictures showing off what all consumers would get, put up on the internet by Polish retailer

The standard collector’s edition will come with a light-up pilot bust, along with a custom scarf for you to wear, and memorial patches with velcro backing. For other physical goodies you also get a Pilot field journal, a Pilot ID card flash drive (with content included on it), a mini art print set, and a paracord survival bracelet.

The Uber collector’s edition gets you a replica Pilot helmet (though we’re not sure if you can wear it or not), tactical accessories that attach to the helmet, and a number of other things that come with the standard edition. These include the scarf, the field journal, the flash drive, and the memorial patches.

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Titanfall 2 will need all of the attractive things it can get in order to sell well, considering that it’s slated to come out three weeks after Battlefield 1 comes out and many fans are worried that the date might impact its sales.

The Titanfall 2 collector’s editions will be coming out with the rest of Titanfall 2 when the game releases around the end of this year on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the PC. If you’re wanting one of these collector’s editions, you should order one quick when they come out because otherwise they’ll go pretty quick.