This Short Mafia 3 Trailer is Teasing Boat Chases, Steel Cage Boxing for E3 2016

Hangar 13 is pretty good at teasing stuff even without having to release a new Mafia 3 trailer every time. They have done well with the cryptic postcards in the past, and now they are being a bit more direct about what you are going to get at E3 2016.

We know that the driving mechanics in the game make you feel like a Hollywood stunt driver, but did you know that there also are boat chase sequences reminiscent of good old James Bond?

Mafia 3 Trailer for E3 2016 is Going to be Explosive!

A new Mafia 3 trailer, or rather a teaser for a full trailer that is going to be shown off at E3 2016 has been shared by Hangar 13. This teaser is nothing more than 30 seconds, but highlights some features that we haven’t seen before.

It starts with some contextual dialogue about the characters and the mafia wars of New Boredeaux a la New Orleans from 1960s, and takes you on close quarters shooting sequences, car chases, dead bodies and more.

Near the end of the trailer you see glimpses of a boat being chased down a river or a canal and then you also see two guys duking it out in the middle of a steel cage, except that the cage and the fights looks more of a serious business than WWE.

Hangar 13 has promised to show off the complete Mafia 3 trailer at the Mafia III E3 Demo World Premiere which is going to be held on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at exactly 5:30 PM PST. Be sure to check with us then to know more about the game.

Oh and if you are already sold, you might want to buy the Mafia 3 Collector’s Edition which packs a punch with their vinyl soundtracks, themed drink coasters and more.