Pokemon Sun and Moon Underwater Area Could Explain The Small Size of Islands

There are so many secrets hidden inside Pokemon Sun and Moon and we are sure we don’t know about all of them yet. One, however, could relate to something altogether new. A Pokemon Sun and Moon underwater area could be coming your way.

Of course this was not confirmed in the last information dump or the one before it, we are actually building on some eagle-eyed inspection of the Alola region map that we have been shown, as well as its relation with the real Hawaiian Islands.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Underwater Area Exists?

If you check out the island on the map with a lighthouse on the edge of it, you will spot a blue dock, just like two other islands have. The dock itself is not important, what’s important is the way some stairs are leading to the water on one side of the dock.

The level of the stairs is too low which suggests it is maybe an opening where you can go inside the water to the Pokemon Sun and Moon underwater area.

pokemon sun and moon underwater area

So why exactly are we so bent upon the idea of an underwater area, location or city? Well because of the fact that this area is based on Hawaiian Islands and because of that there is a lack of dry land in the maps.

The first thing that came to everyone’s mind at the map’s reveal was “hey, this map looks too small!” But honestly, add a little Surfing, Seagallops and underwater areas to the mix and we will probably have the most diverse map ever.

Needless to say, The Pokemon Company is always bent upon creating memories, and getting an underwater region for the first time in a Pokemon game would surely be remembered by millions.

Would you like to have the speculated Pokemon Sun and Moon underwater area?

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