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Nintendo NX May be at UK EGX Event in September

The Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s own next-gen console, may be at the United Kingdom’s Electronic Gaming Expo this September. The console, which has been talked about a lot but never seen, won’t be at E3 next week despite the hopes of many gamers.

Whether that’s because Nintendo wants to promote their upcoming Legend of Zelda game above everything else or because they have nothing else to show remains to be seen.

The possibility could also be that the Nintendo NX simply won’t be ready by June, and by waiting three months for September they’ll have time to put some final touches on the console.

The rumor that the Nintendo NX would even be at the Electronic Gaming Expo is the result of an EGX survey given to people that hold tickets for the show. One of the questions on the survey was asking people which console they would want to play the most at the expo, where the NX was one option.

If the Nintendo NX is finally unveiled at the Electronic Gaming Expo we could finally see what the console looks like. Ever since the first rumors about the NX came out there have been a variety of rumors and hoaxes about what it will look like, what it can do, what its controller looks like, and more.

What we do know for sure (or at least somewhat) is that it’s likely that the new Legend of Zelda game and possibly the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available to play on the NX in addition to the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Either way we’ll just have to wait for either an official announcement from Nintendo themselves or for the Electronic Gaming Expo to actually happen before we see if the Nintendo NX is actually coming to the convention or not.