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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Enemies Guide – Strengths, Weaknesses, How to Kill

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is not all about running and trying to avoid confrontations. There are multiple types of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst enemies that you will encounter during the course of the game.

When combined, all these Mirror’s Edge Catalyst enemies make up the Kruger Security Forces or commonly referred to as KrugerSec.

As mentioned earlier, while you can simply avoid enemy encounters most of the times, sometimes they become potentially unavoidable. In such situations, you must rely on moveset in order to deal with these enemies in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and continue towards your objective.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Enemies Guide

This guide details all the enemies in the game, each one strengths/weaknesses, and how to deal with them effectively:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guardians
Guardian in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is easily the most common and the weakest enemy that you will encounter in the game. These enemies do not have any real strength to be honest and has a basic swiping attack using a baton. You can deal with them with almost anything at your disposal – slide, knockback, etc.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Protectors
Protectors in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are tougher than Guardians, have the ability to block, and counter attack. These guys are also equipped with a baton, but know how to use it effectively. You can expect a counter attack in response to constant heavy attacks and block in case of constant light attacks.

In order to defeat these enemies, you need to be constantly on the move as these are weak to traversal attacks. Moreover, you should try dodging their attacks using Combat Shift and stunning them for better combat effectiveness.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Enforcer
These enemies are equipped with KA-5 Assault Rifles and fire them in small, quick bursts. Due to their ability to dish out damage at long range, you should not leave them be! In order to avoid getting killed at the hands of these guys, you need to have your Focus Shield up or get ready to die instantly.

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst enforcers will not fire at Faith if she is in hand-to-hand combat with another enemy due to the fear of friendly fire. Moreover, if you have your Focus Shield up, you will be able to avoid getting damage. Lastly, these enemies are also weak against stuns and sliding attacks.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Shock Protector
This is another strong enemy that you will face in the game. These enemies are equipped with shock gauntlets that have slight frontal range. In order to deal with them, you need to be constantly on the move and maneuver them in order to deal damage.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Sentinel
This are probably the toughest and deadliest enemies that you will encounter in the game. When dealing with them, you should be careful since these enemies excel in martial arts. You should try to stun them along with constant maneuvers to deal with them.

This is all we have on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst enemies guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!