Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Dashes Guide – How to Get 3 Stars

There are a total of 22 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Dashes in the game. These dashes can be considered as little races in which you are required to reach the targeted area as early as possible.

The quicker you are in reaching your objective, the more stars you will earn – 3 being the highest number of stars. Once you have completed all 2 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst dashes with 3 stars, you will acquire Peak Performance Achievement or Trophy.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Dashes Guide

This guide details all the Mirror’s Edge Dashes in the game along with some tips to help you complete them with 3 stars:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Dashes Tips

Before tackling these challenges, you should try to complete the game at least once in order to get your hands on all necessary upgrades such as MAGrope, Quickturn, Skill Roll and more. Instead of trying to get 3 stars on your first try, you should try to complete the run once to learn about all the shortcuts.

It goes without saying that following the traditional red arrows route will hardly ever get you 3 stars. One of the benefits of completing the run once – without 3 stars in mind – is that you will be able to mark the final checkpoint on your map and get the shortest route.

There is no point spamming Skill Roll on smaller jumps. Instead of this, you should solely rely on coil. One important thing that you need to know is that switching between running, jumping, shifting will not save you any time. Instead of constantly cycling among these three, you should try to stick to running.

Last but not the least, you need to try to start a Mirror’s Edge Catalyst dash with shift in order to gain the initial speed boost. Moreover, if you happen to fall off a roof, there is no point continuing the run unless it is your first time and you are trying to learn it.

You should also check out the 3 star dashes tutorial by PowerPyx attached below to get an idea of what exactly you need to do in order to unlock Peak Performance Achievement/Trophy.

This is all we have on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Dashes Guide. If you have something to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!