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League of Legends Revenues Are Astonishing, Makes $150M/Month

League of Legends revenues are through the roof according to a report published by SuperData. Riot games is generating $150M per month on average from League of Legends.

The report mentioned that the PC online gaming market is poised to rise 13% in 2016 to $19.8 billion in revenues. Free to play online games make up 89% of that. MOBA market is seeing exceptional growth thanks to the contributions of games like League of Legends which generate $3 billion annually.

Collectible card game genre is showing signs of growth on Steam as well. Meanwhile, pay to play title World of Warcraft has made $198 million in 2016 already. Joost van Dreunen, CEO, SuperData, stated that F2P and paid games need retention to grow.

Generally, more than a third of MMO gamers play a title for more than one and a half years before quitting, so maximizing revenue from experienced players is critical. Keeping the player engaged with new content, daily challenges and the ability to manipulate the in-game environment will decrease their likelihood to abandon the game for another title

Makers are also aware that newcomers are also more likely to purchase in-game items compared to long terms fans. SuperData stats show that 84% to gamers of MMO titles make a purchase within the first month.

These new players want to progress more quickly and are more likely to purchase boosts, in-game currency and one-time use items than gamers with more experience in the game. Expansion packs appeal more to the experienced players who are more likely to have explored all of the games content,


Retention often becomes a major issue because players tend to leave the game in groups. 34% of players leave because their friends stopped playing it.

Do make in-game purchases in League of Legends and other similar games? How much do you spend on average each month?

Source: SuperData via GameIndustry