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For Honor Teaser Shows Some Viking Footage

Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming third-person hack-and-slash game For Honor has gotten its first official For Honor teaser before E3 next week. In this case it will be showing off the Viking faction in the game, officially called the Warborn. The teaser’s only around 13 seconds long, but it shows us at least one different map other than the “castle under siege” map that last year’s E3 showing was confined to.

In the game’s backstory, the Warborn were the previous inhabitants of the lands where the knight faction, known as the Legions, now live. The Legions conquered the Warborn’s homeland, and for many years the Warborn waited until they one day attacked to try and take back their home. They, along with the samurai Chosen, will be fighting the Legions in-game.

The For Honor teaser shows off a variety of cool things that I wish we could have more detail for. Among them are a Viking longship (complete with the figurehead having flaming eyes and two lanterns hanging from its horns) and what looks like a new multiplayer map, a storm-wracked fortress that looks very Japanese in architecture (so it may be a Chosen map).

It doesn’t look like conquering the place will be easy for the Warborn; in addition to being on a mountain and with flaming arrows already being shot at their ships, we get to see the place’s defenses go into action as dozens of chains haul dozens of sharp wooden stakes out of the water.

Either way it seems that the For Honor teaser is actually the prelude to another trailer that will be shown off at E3, maybe giving us the same kind of epic battles that we got to see in the game’s debut trailer, which showed us all of the variants that each faction would have.

There’s still no word on a release date for For Honor yet, but hopefully when it does arrive it will be a great experience.