The Division Stash Size To Go Up in Underground Update 1.3

The Division Underground update is going to be released soon enough and when it comes out, one good thing is going to be that The Division stash size for the players will be increased.

For some, inventory space is always an issue for some of the players especially when they are looking at new high-end items and a tradeoff between an older one that they already have.

However, when the update 1.3 comes out this issue will be sorted for you. Talking about the future updates and content plans for the game during the latest State of the Game livestream, Ubisoft Massive has confirmed increased The Division stash size.

The only problem is that they were totally vague about how much increase we are talking about. No specific numbers were given, which is why we are expecting them to give us another update on it soon.

Developers did not talk about extracted item stash and whether or not they are going to change it at all.

The changes to the stash size are in line with community demands of a new inventory management system that would allow better control and management. However, it will clearly not be limited to stash sizes.

So far, we are not sure when the Underground Update is going to be released, but since Ubisoft is going to take to the stage at E3 2016, we expect them to shed some light on the contents of the update here.

Maybe we will even get a new trailer showing off the new contents.

What Ubisoft has announced so far is that the expansion is going to be released later this month and will incorporate changes to the base game as well as new content.