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This is Why Destiny Rise of Iron Won’t Release on PS3 and Xbox 360

When Destiny Rise of Iron was originally leaked, it accompanied a sad news for the PS3 and Xbox 360 users: that the expansion might not release on their consoles. This was later confirmed by Bungie themselves, and now, they have also explained the lack of love for last generation users.

The community manager at Bungie, Eric “Urk” Osborne was recently discussing the reasons why this is the case.

The problem is that in order to let Rise of Iron run on the older consoles, some of the stuff will have to be taken away from the game, some major changes will have to be incorporated which would mean that fans on Xbox 360 and PS3 who paid for the base game might not be able to experience even that.

In order to add new content at this time, and especially on the scale and scope of Rise of Iron, we would have to take away from those older consoles, you would have to lose something. We still wanna make sure that people playing on legacy consoles still have all the content that they paid for to date.

So basically it is a tradeoff between making this as much of a major release as Bungie has promised or being able to release it on all the platforms.

So while the developers want to get “you new content that it’s worthy of the title of expansion, new raid, new stories, cinematics, characters and places,” they also don’t want to destroy the lat gen versions in the process.

Alright that does make sense, but hey there is another reason too. Osborne has also revealed that 90 percent of their player base is now on PS4 and Xbox One. Why would they even develop something for the remaining 10 percent?

No I am not saying that, that is one of the reasons Osborne gave for not releasing Destiny Rise of Iron on PS3 and Xbox 360, saying “the overwhelming majority of our player base is now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Around 90%.”

What do you make of that, folks?