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CSGO Update Dated June 9 Released; Cbble, Mirage, Nuke Maps and Spectating Updated

Valve Corporation has been actively working on a new CSGO Update which has been released a couple of hours ago on June 9, 2016. The update in question is titled UTC and brings a horde of changes to a number of maps as well as other areas of the game.

To start with, a length of fixes and improvements have been made to Cbble, Mirage, and Nuke, with a fix relating to how stairs work being common in all of them.

The developers have also added new collision models with the new CSGO update for bombsite models in Mirage, Inferno, and Cache maps. And in Overpass B site, for the model used for barrels.

Some more game changing improvements have also been made to Counter Strike Global Offensive; for instance disconnection penalty will no longer be income elimination, rather the enemy will get compensation for the lost kill.

There are a number of other changes and fixes that are included in the release notes that have been shared by the developers.

Changelog for CSGO Update Dated June 9


  • Replaced the penalty for the suicide or disconnection of a player. Instead of the elimination of round-end income, a living enemy player now receives compensation equal to the missed kill reward opportunity.
  • On Valve official servers, the current map will be excluded from the vote options at the end of a match.
  • Modified behavior of mp_endmatch_votenextmap_keepcurrent (default 1). When set to 0, the current map will be excluded from the end of match map vote panel.
  • Full player hitboxes are now used by “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 2” so that the circle appears closer to the target in 3D space.
  • Fixed coin journal not being accessible from inventory UI.


  • Made it so “Fullscreen” sets an exclusive fullscreen mode and “Windowed Fullscreen” sets a non-exclusive fullscreen mode. Exclusive fullscreen mode allows for potentially higher performance while making switching back to the desktop slower.


  • Added the concommand spec_player_by_accountid that switches observer target to the player with SteamID64 passed as argument.
  • Added the convar spec_lock_to_accountid which, when set, will lock the observer target to the specified SteamID64 player. The lock can be set regardless of whether or not the player is currently connected.


  • Added stairs up to B site platform, giving CTs additional options for defending the site
  • Updated trees with more accurate collision model
  • Fixed rendering error on wall hole model used near bombsite A
  • Fixed various bugs (Thanks contributors!)
  • Improved visibility from underpass to A site


  • Fixed pixelwalk in CT spawn
  • Fixed some small seethrough gaps in bombsite A
  • Fixed small seethrough gap from Short to Mid
  • Fixed grenadecollision on van in bombsite B
  • Van now plays proper surface sounds when walking on it
  • Stairs in palace and B apartments will now play correct surface sounds
  • Fixed potential rendering error on wall hole model used in CT sniper position
  • Fixed various bugs (Thanks contributors!)


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added ladder to bombsite B target
  • Top of bombsite B target now opaque
  • Added short crate stack to CT outside
  • Misc clip fixes
  • Improved vcollide on plastic bins
  • Fixed spot at CT spawn where weapons could be lost

Collision model update:

  • Added more accurate collision model for bombsite models used in Mirage, Inferno, Cache.
  • Added more accurate collision model for barrels used in Overpass B site.

The new CSGO update takes a mere 100MB so it shouldn’t take too long to download.