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Clash of Clans Dev, Supercell’s Acquisition by Tencent Valued at $9 Billion

The Clash of Clans developer is the next target of Tencent which has been on an acquisition spree in hte recent days. The company first bought a weighty stake in Glu Mobile and followed it up by acquiring the remaining shares of Riot Games, the League of Legends developer.

Indeed they are aiming high, that western market domination is on the cards through their expansion of mobile business.

We first heard of Tencent’s plan regarding Supercell back in May this year, and now we have been told that the former is apparently weighing the value of the Clash of Clans developer at a massive $9 billion.

The transaction for which they are valuing Supercell at that amount is for the stake owned by SoftBank Group Corp., the current majority shareholder in the company. The same share was bought for $1.5 billion back in 2013 by SoftBank.

Currently the talks are in early stages, though.

This is higher than what was originally expected by the financial analysts, but since figures like these are not shared before anything gets finalized (and also since these are just approximations) we might hear a different figure later down the line.

Even more so, the entire talk between them could fall apart for a number of reasons which means these estimations should be subject to a lot of discussion in the coming days. This is also a possibility according to some company insiders who have asked to remain anonymous.

Those who know less about Supercell would certainly know about their games Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach – the first one being the highest grossing digital title ever.

Although the sources of the valuation are reliable, these are still not the confirmed reports, which is why we suggest you take everything with the proverbial grain of salt, until Tencent or Supercell decide to comment.

Thanks, Bloomberg.