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Watch Dogs 2 Screenshots Show Off San Francisco in an Impressive Way

Watch Dogs 2 is going to be remaking everything about the series so far. Instead of Aiden Pierce, the story will be focusing on a new hacker. Instead of Chicago, the game will be set in San Francisco. Now, Watch Dogs 2 screenshots have been released that show off the Golden Gate City’s gorgeous landscape.

San Francisco, located as it is in California, is a far cry from the Midwestern city of Chicago. Here players can expect sunny beaches, palm trees, and hopefully not nearly as much rain that made Chicago the futuristic noir setting that it was in Watch Dogs 2.

However, the change of setting also means that despite how the Watch Dogs 2 screenshots make it look on the surface, that there will be terrible crimes and monstrous people living under the seemingly shining surface of the city.

The original Watch Dogs already went with such terrible people as human traffickers, mobsters that murder young women and treat it as an inconvenience, and more.

Considering that even today problems in California include drug trafficking, smuggling, and more, you might shudder to think what’s underneath the beautiful city that near-future San Francisco has come to.

We might see things even more disturbing than some of the worst scenes in Chicago, and may be coming across worse people that are wanting to take advantage of the ctOS system to commit crimes.

However, considering that this time the Watch Dogs 2 protagonist will be part of the DedSec group, a group of vigilante hackers that seem to be based on Anonymous, we may be able to dole out more justice on the San Francisco crime world, and will hopefully be given a bigger city to run around in, more havoc to cause (if we want to) and more things to explore in the cityscape. In the meantime, take a look at the screenshots, above.