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Vivendi Takes Over Gameloft, Eyeing Ubisoft

For months Ubisoft has been fighting a hostile takeover from Vivendi, it is keeping their alleged attempts at bay but the founding family has taken some damage. Vivendi has taken over Gameloft which should be a big worry for The Guillemot family, the founders of both Ubisoft and mobile centric Gameloft.

Vivendi is still denying their interest in taking over Ubisoft but the later openly claimed on a number of occasions how Vivendi is planning a hostile takeover. Vivendi already own 17.7 persent of Ubisoft, it was major investor of Activision Blizzard as well but back 2013 is sold its shares and suggested that it plans to move out of the gaming market.

However, it looks like the recent growth of the medium has fueled their interest once again and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to leave the industry for the time being.  Vivendi is looking for a seat at the Ubisoft board but Ubisoft fend-off the company in the past by finding supportive investors.

Vivendi’s hostile takeover would not be in the greater interest of Ubisoft and it is not in the greater interest of Gameloft, according to The Guillemot family.

This story would develop in the near future and hopefully, Ubisoft would survive.