Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Gets XCOM: Enemy Within

Larry Hryb, otherwise known as Major Nelson, has announced at XCOM: Enemy Within is coming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility service today, June 9. The game is an updated re-release of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown game, which has also been released on the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility service.

XCOM: Enemy Within includes a number of different missions and modifiers to change up the original XCOM game.

Among other things you’re now able to modify your soldiers both genetically and cybernetically, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be “human” as you give your soldiers cybernetic enhancements or genetically modify them to do things like see through walls or jump extra-high.

XCOM: Enemy Within also brings a new force into the table during the war against the aliens in the form of EXALT. EXALT is a shadowy cabal of terrorists that are working to bring down XCOM in order to gain power from the alien invasion.

The game also includes new regular enemies such as Mechtoids (one of the previously (relatively) harmless Mechtoids in a mechanical battlesuit) or Seekers, who cloak when first seen and then attempt to strangle your troops.

XCOM: Enemy Within is only the latest of the backwards compatibility games that have arrived on the Xbox One, and is one of the best reviewed games on it. Other games included in the service include Bayonetta, Just Cause 2, the first two Call of Duty: Black Ops games, and more. These games now number around 200, which is impressive considering that the service has only been out for around seven months.

The list is regularly updated as well (such as in the case of Enemy Within), and hopefully eventually many of the Xbox 360’s best games will have been ported over to the Xbox One for people to play.