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Hackers Will be Banned From The Division On The First Offense

One thing that people can say about The Division is that the PC version has a great many hackers playing it, ruining the fun for everyone else. Aimbots, invincibility, lag-switching and more, allow hackers to ruin the gameplay experience for many other players, upsetting the balance of the games for kicks. Now, these sorts of people will be banned from The Division immediately, if they’re caught again.

Previously, hackers in The Division would be given several chances to try and change their ways, starting off with a 14-day ban as a warning, and only on the second offense would they be banned from The Division permanently. This will most likely not stop a determined hacker, but considering that now Ubisoft has decided to take off the gloves we may see a lot more bans in the game’s future.

Hackers and trolls have been a scourge of The Division since the game first launched; the very first day of the game, a queue line had to form outside the first mission area because people kept getting in the way of the door, forcing lines to have to form.

The hacking problem has even gotten bad enough that other hackers are also complaining about the amount of hackers.

In addition to hackers being banned from The Division on their first offense now, Ubisoft will also be periodically sending ban waves sweeping through the game, throwing out entire groups of hackers all at once rather than having to wait for them to get caught cheating and banned one at a time.

The game is similar to the anti-cheating system that Blizzard has implemented in Overwatch, which is a similar “permanent ban if you’re caught cheating” system that has been applauded by players.

While it’s even more relevant in a game that’s aiming to be an eSports arena like Overwatch, in a game like The Division banning hackers is just as important, at least in terms of the Dark Zone, the game’s PVP area.