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LoL Pro FORG1VEN Withdraws From Origen Due to Overwatch and Lack Of Motivation

European League Of Legends team, Origen, announces that Konstantinos “ FORG1VEN ” Tzortziou will no longer be a part of starting lineup of Origen, for the remainder of the summer split due to lack of motivation.

FORG1VEN will be replaced by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño, until the team finds a suitable replacement for him. Though this may sound absurd, but according to FORG1VEN himself he is done playing League Of Legends.

After numerous talks we had i thought something needed to be changed and so i took the decision to take an indefinite break from League, since i was playing more Overwatch than the game i was being payed to play (combination of not having fun anymore to play the game for at least one and a half year and being introduced to another)…

This might be difficult for Origen, as only one week in the summer split and the team is alsready looking at tough times. The reason behind FORG1VEN taking a indefinite break might not only be Overwatch, but also disappointment in the past matches or not getting any worthwhile reward.

He said that having individual achievements mean nothing to him, and he just wants a break after what he is been put through.

FORG1VEN’s first two series for Origen were disappointments for the team. He had a difficult career, and has a tendency to move team to team, as Origen is the sixth team he has joined.

So until FORG1VEN feels like that its time too come back, he will be doing an internship in physiotherapy, and in the mean time Origen founder and former player xPeke will be filling his place in the summer split.

It’s not the first time League of legends pro has been in the lime light. When he was in Gambit gaming, he was suspended due to toxic behavior and he was also being considered for military service while he was in H2K but that didn’t happen.