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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Level Design, Choices And More Discussed by Game Director

In a recent interview with Gamereactor, Executive Game Director Jean-François Dugas, Executive Narrative Director Mary DeMarle, and Executive Art Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête discussed how Deus Ex Mankind Divided fits into Deus Ex universe, its level design, moral choices and more.

Jean-François Dugas said in regards to enrich the Dues Ex universe that for us it starts with the AAA games so that these games can introduce the world of Dues Ex to the people, and then take it to the other mediums like novels and graphic novels.

He further said that he sees the Dues Ex franchise as window to the future, and that is the reason why there is so much material like comics and novels to bridge the gap between the two games that are set two years apart. Mary DeMarle also added that all of this blends together into one universe, and everyone at Eidos Montreal works really hard to make sure it fits together nicely.

When asked about how Deus Ex Mankind Divided fits into this universe, they emphasized that despite being based on the same setting of the original, Deus Ex Mankind Divided has a very different feel to it. Jacques-Belletête said that situation has changed drastically in Dues Ex Mankind Divided compared to the original game, now the augmented people are seen as a threat.

Mary DeMarle added that not only there is change in the setting of the game, but also there is change in Adam Jensen too. She said that Adam has reached a point where he has embraced his augmentations, and become cold, as he wants to bring those to justice to have done terrible things.

DeMarle further added that Deus Ex series has always dealt with “what it is like to be a human”, however, there are other themes in the games as well one being to follow your emotions or reason. These scenarios are actually present in the game, giving players some tough choices, like trusting information from different people.

However, there are other choices in the game too, like weather to take lethal or non-lethal approach to situations, or weather to take legal action or delive you own justice. All of this revolves around the ending of Deus Ex Human Revolution and how Adam reacts to it.

Dugas said that the level design of Deus Ex Mankind Divided has expanded quite a lot and the developers as a whole wanted to explore verticality in the game. This introduces new types of enemies who can also utilize the verticality using their augmentations, this introduces more variables to take into account to, which adds another layer to the game’s level design.

All of this and developers have made sure that it does not lose what makes this franchise special.

Jacques-Belletête said that there are four main pillars of Deus Ex Mankind Divided; combat, stealth, hacking and social, which were considered carefully while developing the game. Dugas added that it was important that each pillar is satisfying on their own, like combat has to be satisfying.

More flexibility has been added to stealth, and social remains important as every character you meet has it own story to tell.

Dues Ex Mankind Divided has also introduced Breach mode, in which player is a Ripper and is tasked with extracting data. This mode is an arcade spin on the Deus Ex gameplay, which combines narrative to fell connected to the rest of Dues Ex universe.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is set release on August 23 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamereactor.