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Destiny: Rise of Iron May Not Release for Last-Gen

Destiny developer Bungie has been a little hesitant releasing new features and content for last-gen consoles. Cutting down on Destiny’s platforms has been long time coming and now it seems it is finally happening.

It is believed that Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion will release in September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The reason to believe this is Destiny’s official website in the UK which posted some promotional content a little early but removed it soon after.

However, before that could happen we were able to see the section where they mentioned Rise of Iron’s platforms. Unfortunately for last-gen console users, there was no mention of Destiny: Rise of Iron for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Destiny: Rise of Iron was first spotted a few days ago when a poster leaked, giving us a look at what’s next for Bungie’s first person shooter. Bungie has long term plans for Destiny and it will keep expanding the game similar to what Warcraft and other games have been doing for years.

Ubisoft’s The Division released in March and it was beleived that it would give solid competition to Destiny, it may even prove to be a Destiny killer, some believed at the time. Sadly for Ubisoft, the game failed to find solid footing and now the tables have turned, Rise of Iron may very well be the rise of Destiny and bad news for The Division.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be revealed today at 10 AM PT / 5PM GMT. We will have official details about the new expansion soon.

Do you think Destiny survived The Division? How do you compare both games? Share what you think in the comment below.