World of Warcraft Vanilla Servers: Nostalrius’ Meeting with Blizzard Went Well

A number of people have made a point that Blizzard Entertainment should support World of Warcraft Vanilla Servers, even a petition was signed by more than 200K people after the Nostalrius Vanilla Servers were shut down by the developers with an aim to bring them back.

The Nostalrius servers were shut down in early April this year and Blizzard Entertainment also vowed to sue the team behind them for running the vanilla version of the base game without any legal capacity to do so.

Although Blizzard Entertainment has reacted recently to the World of Warcraft Vanilla Servers controversy recently, they have said that there is no legal way to run the Nostalrius servers.

This is the reason why it was pretty surprising for us to know that the Nostalrius team says their meeting with Blizzard has gone pretty well.

Mark Kern, the ex-team lead at Blizzard and the entire team of Nostalrius were called to the Blizzard offices for a meeting with Michael “Mike” Morhaime, the president and a co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment to discuss World of Warcraft Vanilla Servers.

A statement has been issued by the Nostalrius team claiming that the meeting went well and even that they have had a great time:

If they were to happen, there would be a lot of work involved to launch official legacy servers. We were amazed by the passion of everyone at the meeting for vanilla WoW. There is no official yes or no yet, more details next week. Meeting with Mike Morhaime and the Warcraft devs went well! We all had a great time.

The issue with World of Warcraft Vanilla Servers is yet to be resolved, but if it goes well, we might see wishes of the hundreds of thousands of petitioning fans coming true in the form of official vanilla servers.

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