Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Leaked; But People Are Calling it Horrible!

Well, we know that the official Watch Dogs 2 trailer and reveal are going to come a couple of hours later today, but interestingly, the trailer has somehow been leaked online well ahead of the time when Ubisoft would have preferred to let it out.

The clip that has been leaked might or might not be the complete trailer, because it lasts for just 30 seconds, but it surely gives us a touch of what to expect.

Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Leaked Ahead of Official Reveal

Almost nobody’s expectations were met with the original game in the series which is why people aren’t keep very high hopes from the latest entry in a franchise that can otherwise become a multi-million seller with ease.

This is probably the reason why people are rathr skeptical of the leaked trailer too. Even the most basic of comments that have been made about the trailer call it “terrible,””horrble,” and simply “bad.”

Some more creative guys are complementing it with opinions like “first honest quality representation of a Ubisoft trailer ever. [360p for the win!]” and that it “looks like a puddle of paralyzed piss.”

As far as contents of the Watch Dogs 2 trailer are concerned, you get a proper look at the new protagonist and a very clear message that the game is certainly going to have a “new tone.”

You see what could be some wannabe gangsters and vigilantes dancing to the tunes of Spaz by N.E.R.D. There isn’t much to go on right now, but a hashtag for Big Brother appears in the trailer, though we don’t know what that means.

Near the end our protagonist holds up his phone which reads “join us,” suggesting that this time our protagonist isn’t going to be alone.

Watch Dogs 2 trailer and reveal will go live in twwn hours from now.