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Two New Remedy Games Being Worked On, Alan Wake and Max Payne?

Remedy Entertainment isn’t content to rest on its laurels after releasing Quantum Break earlier this year. We’re already getting news that two new Remedy games are being worked on already, and Remedy’s head of communications Thomas Puha has even implied that they’re working on ways to tell more stories involving Alan Wake.

Though they broke onto the scene with the Max Payne games, Remedy Entertainment won widespread praise for its long-developed and highly-anticipated game Alan Wake, which focused on a struggling writer on vacation in the (at-first) idyllic town of Bright Falls. T

he game ended on a cliffhanger with Alan trapped in the Lovecraft-like Cauldron Lake, and the ominous final words of “It’s not a lake…it’s an ocean.”

Despite having a spin-off game and two downloadable content packs the game has yet to have a sequel, while Remedy has released Max Payne 3 and Quantum Break. Many Alan Wake fans (including myself) therefore would probably approve of a new Alan Wake game, especially if it continues the story of Alan and (hopefully) lets him escape Cauldron Lake and the sinister entity that inhabits it and the darkness around Bright Falls.

The new Remedy games will all be done by two new teams, which is a departure from Remedy’s normal work of having one large team working on one big game at a time. This is because one team is working on a game that the studio has been working on for a good while, and the other team is working on an early concept that may turn into a new Remedy game in the future.

Remedy head Sam Lake has said that they have a prototype of Alan Wake 2, but for right now most of the work for everything that they’re working on is in the very early stages so we shouldn’t expect them to take the stage at E3 this year.