Top Reasons Why Final Fantasy XV is the Best Game in the Entire Series

Final Fantasy XV has kept us waiting for a decade but finally it has a release date now. Clearly it is going to be one of the most popular games in the series, but we think of it more than that. Here are five reasons why we think that it is not one of the best but the best game in the entire series.

In the video above, we discuss top areas that make it stand apart from the crowd, like the introduction of real time combat to the series, something which is going to replace turn-based combat for the first time.

Then there are other reasons like the super exciting world that looks like Narnia has a baby with Avatar (in the words of our guy Jonathan Crow), the highly positive reviews of the platinum demo, the fact that Square Enix is going all in with CGI movies and anime, and the car… the sleek black beautiful and flying car!

We are not going into details about reasons why Final Fantasy XV is the best in the series, for that you will have to check out the video above, and maybe like and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you find an ounce of interesting stuff in there.