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Overwatch Review by Famitsu Hails the FPS Crown with 36/40

Our Overwatch review just got published recently, and it was given almost the same score as what Famitsu has given to the game.

Famitsu’s review of Blizzard Entertainment’s gigantically popular multiplayer first person shooter gives it an impressive 36 out of 40, divided into 8, 9, 9, and 10 scores given by four different reviewers.

This is not the best that any game has ever gotten from the famous Japanese magazine, but it surely is exceptional in its own right.

The game has been highly popular among the community where the free beta was tried by over 9.7 million people, making it bigger than Star Wars Battlefront, Tom Clancy’s The Division and even Destiny i.e. all the major shooter titles we got.

As far as our own Overwatch review is concerned, our Saqib Mansoor gave it an 8.5 out of 10 saying that “Overwatch carries immense potential and with future updates, it is undoubtedly going to become one of the best first-person shooters out there.”

Alongside their Overwatch review, the latest issue of Famitsu also had reviews of eight other games from the Japanese market, Blizzard topped them all. Here are the review scores of the rest of the games:

  • Downwell (PS4) 8/8/8/9 [33/40]
  • Downwell (PlayStation Vita) 8/8/8/9 [33/40]
  • Fushigi-na Tentsunagi 3D (Nintendo 3DS) – 6/7/6/5 [24/40]
  • Junkai no Kureishia (Nintendo 3DS) – 7/7/8/7 [29/40]
  • Kouenji Joshi Soccer 3: Koisuru Eleven Itsuka wa Heaven ( Nintendo 3DS) – 6/7/7/6 [26/40]
  • Overwatch (PS4) – 8/9/9/10 [36/40]
  • Root Letter (PS4) – 8/8/9/7 [32/40]
  • Root Letter (PlayStation Vita) – 8/8/9/7 [32/40]
  • Taiko Drum Master: Don Don! Mystery Adventure (Nintendo 3DS) – 8/8/8/8 [32/40]

Coming back to the state of the game right now, Blizzard Entertainment has recently released the patch 1.03 that is going to address a number of issues including the voice chat and connection bugs that were causing problems to the community.

To add some more flavor to the experience, Blizzard says that they are keeping an eye out for possibilities relating to cross platform play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.