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God of War 4 Protagonist Might Not be Kratos; Game Coming to E3 2016?

Well we have already included God of War 4 in our list of predictions for E3 2016, because we have enough to go on already that would suggest so, but the other part of this new rumor, the part about the GOd of War 4 protagonist is what we are interested in

Known industry insider Shinobi, who also was one of the first people to leak information on the game, pitched in recently on NeoGAF teasing something about who the main character of the game is going to be.

Who is The God of War 4 Protagonist? Is It Not Kratos?

We know Kratos to be the main guy in the previous game but is he going to be the same in this one? Well, the insider is not so sure.

On a question about whether the game will make it to Sony’s conference at E3 2016 or not, he said that the question is not whether God of War 4 is going to be there at the event because it will. Instead, he says the question is whether Kratos is going to be the main character.

Everything we have been told about the setting of the game has mostly been related to Kratos directly or indirectly. For instance, we know that the game is set in Norse mythology with Kratos having a beard and an axe.

That is not all, in one part of the game Kratos visits Alfheim, “Land Of The Fairies”, one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Light Elves too! Seeing such detail on him does suggest that he is at least one of the main characters this time.

Now who exactly is going to be the God of War 4 protagonist then?

We are confident that the game is going to be shown off at E3 2016, and are hoping that the developers loosen up the noose a little bit and clear out the confusion.