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All E3 2016 Rumors and Predictions for Sony; PS4K, God of War 4, Knack 2, Spider-Man

We recently covered everything that we are expecting Microsoft to bring to the show floor at E3 2016, and it would be totally unfair if we don’t do the same for Sony.

This is a list of the rumors that we have picked up from numerous sources, but in no way should these be considered as confirmed news. These are predictions and rumors, some being solid while others not so much.

Also, this is a pretty quiet year so don’t blame us if the list isn’t too long.

Sony E3 2016 Press Brief Rumors and Predictions

PlayStation Neo / PlayStation 4K:
Needless to say, there have been so many rumors and alleged leaks regarding PS4K that it is bound to make an appearance at E3 2016. The upgraded console is expected to come out within this year, closer to the year end.

Rumor has it that the PlayStation Neo / PlayStation 4K has a 2.3 times stronger GPU, better CPU clock speeds, and greater RAM for developers. It can be easily said that falling in line with Microsoft’s plans with the Xbox Scorpio, all PlayStation Neo games will be playable on PS4 too. Oh and there will be 4K video support.

As far as the legitimacy of the rumor is concerned, we are almost 100 percent that this is the real deal, and also since it is expected to come out this fall, a reveal at E3 2016 seems inevitable.

Spider-Man Game:
Recent rumors have suggested that a AAA Spider-Man game is being developed as a Sony exclusive. The rumor goes hand in hand with another one suggesting that Sucker Punch is working on a game, because the two things could be the same – Sucker Punch has a history of games with superheroes.

Knack 2:
Yes Sire! Knack 2 is high up in the list of expected entries at E3 2016 thanks to a CV from a developer suggesting that the game is in development. Now we have nothing to go in that would suggest this is coming to the event, but if it is, the audience will be jubilant, and Sony loves that!

God of War 4:
We have done stories on this before, and what we know is that the game is going to take on Norse mythology some more and bring Kratos back. God of War 4 has been rumored to be one of the titles that are being developed for the PS4K aka the PlayStation Neo. Could this mean they are bringing the game in to show off the new console, as rumored previously?

It has been enough time since we first heard of the game, so we think they won’t get a better chance to charm the audience than at E3 2016.

Dead Don’t Ride:
This is expected to be a racing game with bikes and.. wait for it… Zombies! yes, another game with zombies, but it apparently comes with a twist. The alleged Sony Bend title is not really a racing title, if all the rumors are to be believed, unlike what the name suggests.

We are thinking on the lines of an unconventional game with survival elements in it, but the genre blending into something else i.e. some other game mechanics and features that are new to the abundant in-game zombie worlds we have seen so far.

Another good thing is that we are expecting the game to be built with Unreal Engine 4, as Sony is working with Epic Games on upgradation. We are also expecting impressive visuals.

The Last Guardian:
Don’t get mad at me because yes the game has been there in so many E3s that it gets annoying. But, we love what genDESIGN has done with the game recently, it is really looking and feeling the part, and at E3 2016, maybe we will get something more than what they have had for us in the past E3 conferences. Expect release details.

Indie Titles:
Like each year, Sony is definitely going to bring us a bunch of other games from small scale indie developers that are going to add a lot of colors and a lot of new games to the massive library they have.

We are sure to have missed something! Got some more rumors, speculations and/or predictions for E3 2016? Let us know in the comments section below.