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Destiny Rise of Iron Expansion Might Release on September 20

Yet another Destiny leak has said that the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion release date is going to be on September 20. The expansion pack, which will focus on the Fallen and the Iron Lords from Destiny’s lore, is also said to be twice as large as either of the two expansion packs before it, and may even be larger than the game’s last DLC, The Taken King.

Bungie will be hosting a livestream tomorrow at 10 AM PT and 5 PM GMT on its Twitch channel ( in order to show off what all we’ll be getting when the expansion drops. The expansion pack will be focusing on the Iron Lords of Destiny’s backstory, the nine different Guardians that protected the city in its infancy and eventually established the Iron Banner.

Several of the Iron Lords are remembered through legendary or exotic weapons in the game, or in relics that can be equipped by your Guardian.

Rise of Iron is also shown to only be available on the Xbox One, rather than being on both that and the Xbox 360. It’s likely that the game’s Playstation 4 version has the same problem. This may be the start of Bungie following after the example of other Activision properties and moving on from last-generation consoles. This would help to force people to move on to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 or be left behind.

While Bungie has only released a small teaser of the trailer that will be coming with Rise of Iron, what we have seen (Lord Saladin with a pair of wolves and a flaming battle-axe) promises that it will be epic.

In the meantime, the raid that will be coming with Rise of Iron is just one of the various things that we’ll be getting when the expansion comes out (if rumors are true) on September 20.