The Fate Of Iron Lords Will be Discovered in Destiny Rise Of Iron DLC

There have been some leaks in past month regarding the existence of Destiny Rise Of Iron expansion, and it seems that players will discover the fate of Iron Lords in this new DLC.

A youtuber named Arekkz, has found something interesting about the Rise of Iron expansion, and also have compiled a video detailing the information.

Arekkz noted in his video that Bungie has officially registered the trademark for Rise Of Iron, and the reveal coming this week on June 9 will not give much information, as E3 is right around the corner.

The promo image that came along with the stream announcement does not provide any hints. The emblem of destiny is half covered in snow, and there is also snow flurries on the earlier promo leak of Rise Of Iron, so the winter is coming?

He revealed in his video that searching Rise Of Iron on google, the top result is the official Destiny Rise of Iron game website. The result mentions new raids, weapons and more, and if you search for this term now on google, you will not find the website.

What is interesting is that the result also mentions “Discover the fate of Iron Lords”, and the Iron lords are only mentioned in the lore of Destiny.

The Iron Lords and and Iron Wolves were a group of guardians, who defended the last city, and the players honor Iron lords when they take part in Iron Banner. Some weapons and equipment is also named after them as well.

Maybe the players will embark on a quest to find out the fate of Iron Lords and what made them defend the last city. Maybe players will finish what those Iron Lords started, or maybe they went into hiding and now they are ready to come back.

Originally the poster for Rise Of Iron leaked, which showcased Lord Saladin wielding a giant hammer. The Rise Of Iron expansion will feature fallen themed raids, and will be loosely based on the raid that was removed from House Of Wolves expansion.

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