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Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Will be Shown in September

Call of Duty is lagging behind Battlefield 1 yet again now that Activision has announced that the Infinite Warfare multiplayer and the Modern Warfare remastered multiplayer for their upcoming releases will be shown this September. T

his is in direct contrast to Battlefield 1 and EA, which will be showing the game off at EA Play around the same time as E3.

The two Call of Duty games will have their multiplayer released at the Call of Duty XP event, which will take place this September in Inglewood, California. It will give visitors a wide variety of Call of Duty-related activities to show them what all the Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare multiplayer is about.

The event will also allow people to play the Call of Duty VR experience, and participate in the Call of Duty World League Championship, with a grand prize of two million dollars. The World League Championship is the finale of the Call of Duty World League, an eSports league of Call of Duty multiplayer competition.

The debut of the Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare multiplayer is three months removed from its most direct competitor Electronic Arts, which will be holding its EA Play event concurrently with E3 in order to show off its own multiplayer in a 64-player multiplayer match.

It will also be showing off the much-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Really the event’s success depends on which of the two events are the more successful. Considering how bad Call of Duty got thrashed on YouTube with the Infinite Warfare trailer, while the Battlefield 1 trailer got drowned in upvotes, plus Mass Effect: Andromeda being paired with it, Call of Duty may go further into the hole with how outmatched it is by Battlefield 1 this year.

Either way we’ll have to wait until next week and September to see how the Modern and Infinite Warfare multiplayer match up against Battlefield 1.