Battlefield 1 Weapons Predictions: WWI Related Weapons That Could Be Included

We have discussed the Battlefield 1 weapons previously; and we know there are going to be Bayonets and Scopes with customization options, we also know that DICE has been teasing of powerful and authentic feeling weapons. So now let’s predict what weapons could be included.

We have compiled a video based on predictions we have made relying on the kind of impression that the developers that they have given us about the combat system, and the emphasis on melee combat, which is going to play a major role in the game’s multiplayer.

Some of the highlights include different pistols in the shared class weapons like the American M1911 Colt, M1898 and grenades of different kinds all of which have been shown and discussed in the video above.

Moving forward we have also discussed a number of other Battlefield 1 weapons classes like assault class with shotguns and rifles like Tommy Gun, and Beretta’s makes, then there are weapons for the medic class and so on.

Since even EA is concerned that youngsters these days don’t know much about the WWI era, we are sure that knowledge on what could become a part of the Battlefield 1 weapons would be lesser than usual. However, we hope this video will help add a lot of other guns to your wishlist.